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Annual Report
2021 - 2022

Logo for the Queensland Council of Social Service.
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Our story
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We are the Queensland
Council of Social Service

Our vision is to achieve equality, opportunity and wellbeing for every person, in every community

We believe that every person in Queensland – regardless of where they come from, who they pray to, their gender, who they love, how or where they live – deserves to live a life of equality, opportunity and wellbeing.

We are a conduit for change. We bring people together to help solve the big social issues faced by people in Queensland, building strength in numbers to amplify our voice. We connect communities, our members, the sector, other peak bodies, government and business, collaborating with our diverse stakeholders to create social change.

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Our year in numbers
QCOSS Board Chair Matt Gardiner

Chair's report

Matt Gardiner

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Chair and CEO reports
Our strategic plan
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Our strategic plan 
202X - 202X

In response to the disruption caused by COVID-19, considering the potential for positive change associated with Queensland’s Human Rights Act and in order to highlight our commitment to self-determination for First Nations People, we have re-set our strategic plan.

The strategic direction and intent of the organisation has not changed. Rather, the plan has been refined and developed, including to ensure our impact is measurable.


Walking the talk

Rebooting the system

Local communities are

Being in service

Leading together

Self-determination of
First Nations people

The work we do relies on these areas being connected. Together, they enable us to truly create a movement for change; a movement that will create equality, opportunity and wellbeing for all people in all communities.

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Rebooting the system

Overturning systems and structures that create and perpetuate inequality

Strategic, long-term investments in Queensland’s social infrastructure can end the housing crisis, expand low-income households’ access to the renewable energy revolution, and create good local jobs. 

In 2021-22, QCOSS campaigned for cost of living relief, initiatives supporting women's equality, and further investment in renewables - making sure vulnerable Queenslanders can access the benefits of reforms in the energy and water markets.

We also intensified our focus on affordable housing through the relaunch of our Town of Nowhere campaign, and advocated for "helping the helper" by ensuring the financial security of our sector in this year's Queensland Budget

ToN_Relaunch media.jpg

 Town of Nowhere campaign relaunch, Brisbane 

Rebooting the system

Local communities are empowered

Ensuring Queenslanders can influence decisions that impact their lives

QCOSS proactively manages partnerships with government, community-based organisations, registered training organisations, and other peak bodies to develop collaborative, sustainable local projects.

Throughout 2021-22, QCOSS delivered or contributed to eight projects for positive change, including a range of place-based initiatives.


Local communities empowered
CommunityPlus WE CH_Xmas.jpg

 CommunityPlus+ West End Community House 

Being in service

Supporting the social services sector

In 2021-22, QCOSS delivered capacity building activities that proactively equipped the sector with the skills and knowledge to do their work, but which also responded in a timely way to emerging issues and challenges within the sector.


The capacity building program was informed by member engagement, along with research and policy development. We continued to support human rights in Queensland through our Human Rights, Housing and Homelessness project, and across three Human Rights In Action webinars.

QCOSS’ yearly State of the Sector report found community organisations have experienced increasing pressure due to an increase in overall demand on services during COVID-19, and increases in the complexity of issues presenting. Our sector continued to play a crucial part in the recovery from COVID-19 and the flooding emergencies.

CommunityPlus WE CH_Xmas_2.jpg
Being in service
Leading together
Rocky Town Hall 1_edited.jpg

 Community Sector Townhall, Rockhampton 

Leading together

Harnessing the power of social services sector and the community

In 2021-22, QCOSS’ policy networks identified shared challenges and collaboratively generated solutions across the social service sector, identifying emerging issues, advocacy priorities and research objectives.

We partnered to prosper - supporting letters, submissions, and campaigns led by other organisations advocating for social issues across all levels of government.

We also focused on deepening our engagement with our members and responding to their needs through our program of work, including across advocacy, research, policy development and capacity building activities.

of First Nations people

Act on opportunities to improve the ability of First Nations people to realise their right to self-determination

QCOSS is committed to reconciliation and the self-determination of First Nations Peoples. Throughout 2021-22, QCOSS supported advocacy to enshrine a First Nations Voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution, and sought to engage and work closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and organisations - including in our capacity building program, research and policy development. 

20211128_Darumbul Rocky.jpg

 Darumbul Community   Youth Service 


Gympie Townhall_Scott.jpg


Walking the talk

Being a strong, sustainable and
relevant leader

Throughout 2021-22, the QCOSS Board and management team have continued to strengthen and enhance effective and transparent governance across the organisation, while also implementing a number of systems improvements.

Walking the talk


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