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Walking the talk

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Walking the talk

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Throughout 2021-22, the QCOSS Board and management team have continued to strengthen and enhance effective and transparent governance across the organisation.

  • Membership fees: A new fee structure was implemented on 1 July 2021, following a strategic review. QCOSS remains committed to operating sustainably.

  • QCOSS Constitution: A refreshed Constitution was adopted via a special resolution at the Annual General Meeting in November 2021. Developed by the QCOSS Board and prepared by Hall & Willcox, the Constitution was modernised without modifying the fundamental structure or governance of the organisation.

  • Risk appetite statement: Developed with BDO, a Risk Appetite Statement was approved by the QCOSS Board on
    17 March 2022. 

  • Human Resources Strategy 2021-23: Approved by the QCOSS Board in August 2021, this strategy sets out four key priority areas to ensure QCOSS continues striving for a success-driven organisational culture to deliver on our strategic and business plans. The four priority areas are: 

  1. valued, supported, engaged and rewarded employees 

  2. management and leadership excellence

  3. workforce diversity

  4. organisational excellence.

In January and February 2022, the Queensland Government endorsed QCOSS for the Preferred Supplier Panels for Market and Social Research, and for Professional Services, placing QCOSS at the forefront of opportunities to lead emerging work in the sector.


Extensive system improvements were implemented, including:

  • Sharepoint upgrade: A new intranet and Sharepoint hierarchy launched in February 2022, streamlining digital document management.

  • Adopting IntelliHR: All human resources information was centralised through the use of IntelliHR, including employee information, performance management and travel requests, enhancing workflows by deploying automation.

  • Improved budgeting: Calca financial reporting software was implemented, in conjunction with WareConnect invoice automation, which has enabled real time project and organisational budget monitoring and forecasting.

  • Microsoft Power BI: the data visualisation tool was integrated into our research work, enabling collaboration, access to data and analysis of relevant key datasets useful for monitoring and evaluation across the community services sector.

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