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Being in service

Supporting a service system that reflects the community in which it operates

Being in service

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Supporting the sector to respond to, live through and recover from the COVID-19 crisis

In 2020-21, QCOSS facilitated a range of programs, networks, resources and supports for the social service sector to improve organisation policies and procedures and to make sure information is disseminated in a timely fashion. 


Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF)

The HSQF assesses and promotes improvement in the quality of human services for the Queensland Government. To help organisations implement quality systems and prepare for their quality assessment activities, QCOSS provides one-on-one and small group support , HSQF specific information and resources including an HSQF eTraining course and policy templates. Last year, QCOSS HSQF policy templates were downloaded 2,995 times while 270 students enrolled in e-training. 


Quality Collaboration Network (QCN)

The QCN is a regular monthly meeting of human service sector employees aimed at enhancing collaborative practice in the human service sector by identifying and discussing common issues and compliance matters, as well as sharing information, resources and learning. In 2020-21, the QCN grew to more than 50 registrations per meeting. This has resulted in a diverse, engaged, strong membership base.


Domestic and Family Violence policy

The COVID-19 pandemic created a significant rise in cases of domestic and family violence (DFV). In May, during Domestic and Family Violence month, QCOSS ran workshops in partnership with DFV Work Aware about how to create good domestic and family violence organisational policies that both support victim survivors of DFV in the workplace, and respond to employees who perpetuate domestic and family violence.

Community Door Logo

Community Door 

The QCOSS-managed Community Door website provides news, resources and information for Queensland’s community sector. In 2020-21, more than 400 news items, updates, events and resources were published on the site. The website was viewed 947,759 times, including 24,922 unique visitors to the COVID-19 resources page.

Refreshed QCOSS communications and engagement

2,845 media mentions across Australia
1,094 Facebook Followers (421 per cent growth)
2,106 Twitter followers (9 per cent growth)
1,584 LinkedIn followers (56 per cent growth)
170 Instagram followers (new channel)
68,848 unique visitors to
3,225 Conduit recipients

 QCOSS Member Profile: 

No Boundaries Sensory Unit

"Communication is a human right"

Soft waves of colour light up the wall in time with the music as Kayla moves her eyes to create her own melody on the Invisible Keyboard.

It’s one of dozens of multi-sensory experiences at the No Boundaries Sensory Unit, a state-of-the-art building developed by No Boundaries Disability Support Inc. in Margate. The organisation is breaking new ground in how it’s using sensory therapy to empower people with disabilities and develop their communication skills.


For Kayla, 25, weekly sessions at the Sensory Unit have enabled her to communicate independently for the first time in her life.


“Assisting people to communicate and understand how they communicate enables them to actively participate in their lives. It’s a human right,” Sensory Unit Therapist Stacey Brown said.

“Our guys know that when they come in here, it’s for them, and they are in control of their own environment. I’m so honoured to be part of an organisation that’s so committed to improving the lives of people of all ages with disabilities.”

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