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Joining forces

Galvanising a force for equality, opportunity and wellbeing

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 Karla Brady, CEO 

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Joining forces

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A relevant and clearly communicated research agenda

QCOSS’ research agenda is shaped by the issues in our community, which in turn shapes our advocacy. This year, our reports have examined the economic impacts of COVID-19 on different Queensland demographics, the effect of COVID-19 on consumer energy vulnerability, and the cost of living in Queensland in 2020.

On the back of the report findings, QCOSS called on government to radically improve energy affordability and sustainability by investing in household energy efficiency, rolling out digital meters and creating community renewable energy for local economic growth. We also called on government to improve living standards for low-income households by mitigating food insecurity, providing targeted energy bill and water bill relief, ensuring income payments are above poverty levels, and increasing rent assistance.

QCOSS research was covered by state and national television, print and radio news media, including the ABC, WIN News, 4BC and Brisbane Times.

New networks inform policy development

QCOSS’ policy networks identify shared challenges and collaboratively generate solutions across the sector, advising QCOSS on emerging issues, advocacy priorities and research objectives.

Four new networks were established in 2020-21:

  • Community Services CEO Network (new) brings together community sector leaders to collaboratively identify issues impacting the wider sector and provide an opportunity to shape solutions, with a focus on structural reform.

  • Women’s Equality Network (new) responds to and provides advice on matters relating to women’s equality.

  • Living Affordability Network (new) provides input and advice on living affordability in Queensland and assisted with research informing the 2021 Living Affordability Report. 

  • Housing and Homelessness Network (new) provides advice on matters relating to housing and homelessness and informs QCOSS participation in housing and homelessness related government engagement processes, including the Ministerial Housing Council and the Housing Security Subcommittee. 

  • Essential Services Consultative Group provides a channel for community organisations to influence energy policy processes and contribute to government policy on key consumer reforms.  

  • Quality Collaboration Network provides an opportunity to share experiences, information and resources on audit and quality matters, as well as identifying common issues across the sector to inform system updates to government. 

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