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Funders and supporters

Funders and supporters



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Thanks to every QCOSS member in every community in Queensland. 
Without your support we could not even begin to strive for our vision.

Thanks also to our funders and supporters.


Community Services Industry Alliance (NDIS Training and Skills Support Strategy)

Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs (CAMS)

Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy (Peaks, COVID-19 Sector Readiness and Response, Human Rights Project, and Place-based Homelessness Project Cairns and Townsville)

Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (Skilling Queenslanders for Work)

Department of Energy and Public Works, Energy Division (Energy)

Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water (Water)

Gold Coast Homeless Network Inc (Regional Care Coordinator Facilitation)

The McKell Institute (Bridging the Digital Divide)

Queenslanders with Disability Network Inc (NDIS Targeted Outreach Project)

Rowland Pty Ltd (Queensland Resources Industry Development Project)

Swinburne University of Technology (Finkel Energy Research Project)



Pro-bono professional support
and advice

Hall + Wilcox Lawyers

BDO Risk Management Advisory Service

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